Powerful energy is flowing into the Earth at this time. Many of us are awakening to the true purpose of our existence in this lifetime. I cannot speak of this Blend without addressing its name. 

The word "Chosen" relates to the 144,000 men and women chosen to be on Earth during the times of upheaval and chaos before the dawning of the Golden Age of Peace and Harmony. I created this powerful Blend for the the ones that relate to that mission. Many of us are awakening to who we are. Some of us, myself included, have spent nearly a lifetime healing what was left in us that was apart from the Divine. 

There are countless articles about finding your purpose, the one thing you came here to do. I thought about it all my life. What I didn't know was that my main purpose in this life was to heal myself. It's why we came back. It's how we best be of service. 

To some this will sound outlandish and arrogant. To others this may pierce your Heart with recognition and validation. It is those I formulated this Blend for. My hope is that it will offer a degree of help in your healing, and empower you to acknowledge your rightful place on Earth and Blossom in the Light of Love in which you were born. THIS BLEND CONTAINS BULGARIAN ROSE OTTO Rosa danascena - Rose has the highest frequency of all the essential oils! With just one sniff, this incredible oil will open the Heart Chakra to receive the Frequency of the Divine Love that we are. It enables us to release any fears we might have about our self and our relationships. It brings us back to wholeness, as Creator intended. It correlates to the Heart Chakra and the colors pink and red. CHASTE TREE Vitex agnus-castus - This potent Essential Oil is a balancing oil for Women. Its properties in regard to Spirituality are centered around Balance. It promotes balance with our Moon Cycles. It enables us to walk closer in the reality of who we really are, allowing us to awaken the Divine Feminine within. SACRED FRANKINCENSE Boswellia sacra - Creates a Sacred environment and promotes Acceptance. It affects the part of the brain that controls emotions. It allows us to let go of what does not serve us any longer. It has been used thousands of years to connect us to Spirit. It will calm you and allow you to transcend the clutter of everyday life. HOLY BASIL Ocimum Sanctum - This energizing Oil uplifts the mind and supports the nervous system. During emotional and physically stressful times this Sacred Oil offer courage and inner strength. Mars is its ruling planet - Mars was considered the most prominent of the military gods in Roman times. GERANIUM Pelargonium graveolens - For Emotional purposes, Geranium is one of the best balancing oils. Its calming effects help in dealing with anxiety and depression. It offers enhanced concentration and greatly reduces sadness allowing for a more balanced state of mind. CLARY SAGE Salvia sclarea - This Essential Oil is perhaps the best choice for its calming effect. It offers relaxation and clarity of mind. It is helpful in inducing vivid dreams and opening up our creative mind. MAY CHANG litsea cubeba – This is truly a Joyful Oil. It is refreshing and uplifting. It offers a boost to the nervous system. It will assist you in staying clear-headed and calm during difficult times. It gently supports us with these gifts and invites into our hearts the self confidence that accompanies the fulfillment of purpose. YLANG YLANG Cananga odorata - The sweet floral aroma of this gentle oil is calming to the mind and body. It offers a balancing effect on the root and sacral chakras. It brings our male and female energies into balance and harmony allowing us to release fear, resentment, and jealousy. It defuses anger and elevates self-esteem. SWEET ORANGE Citrus sinensis - It could be called "Joy in a Bottle." It is uplifting and playful. It will assist you in releasing emotional issues and allow for a calm spirit, enhancing your meditation. LEMON Citrus limon - Energizing! Lemon is uplifting and energizing. It enhances your mood and diminishes feelings of sadness and depression. Reduces stress levels. It purifies your environment bringing in fresh sunshine. IT ALSO CONTAINS QUARTS, PERIDOT, CARNELIAN, AND AMETHYST CRYSTALS COCONUT OIL

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