I created this Blend April 18, 2018. For many of us it was the dawn of a new awakening. I only had a glimpse of what was before us, but I knew we would need band together in purpose and Unite as One for the sake of our Mother Earth and the benefit of all mankind. 

Our Mother Earth is Ascending from the old paradigm to the new Golden Age of Peace and Harmony. She can no longer sustain life on this planet because of the very ones she sustains. We have managed to destroy the ground we walk on. Now it is up to us to support Her in her transitioning and make the ascend with Her. For us this can be a difficult process at times. We are letting go of the past and anything that does not serve our Highest Good and in turn, the Highest Good of all. We must strip away everything within us that is not Love. 

My Intention in creating this Essential Oil Blend was to support us through these changes and help us deal with the emotional aspects that are sure to surface. Transmutation will promote healing and acceptance. Its high vibration of Love enables us to open to a Higher Love and connect to the Sacred. It will allow us to walk this difficult path a little easier. With Truth and Honesty in everything we do, a strong Intention seated in Love and Service to Others we will see this through. 

As so often is said, we are the ones we have been waiting for. THIS BLEND CONTAINS ROSE OTTO Rose Essemtoa diluted in Argon oil - This is a powerful Heart Oil. Even the smallest amount can open the Heart Chakra and enable us to Love ourselves and others unconditionally. For some, this is a life-changing event. It is essential for you to Love yourself first of all. SACRED FRANKINCENSE Boswellia sacra - promotes a closer connection to our Higher Self. It is a Spiritual Oil. It enables us to let go of everything that is not for our Highest Good. It helps us easily create a close bond to our Creator. It is the best Oil for a deep meditation. HIMALAYAN CEDARWOOD Cedrus Deodora - This is known as a Holy Oil. It has been used throughout history for Sacred Rituals and used as Temple Incense by Tibetan Buddhist. It is one of the most beneficial oils for Meditation. It offers a deep meditation by calming the mind and opening you up to your Divine connection. It will protect and ground you during your meditation. HOLY BASIL Ocimum Sanctum - This energizing Oil uplifts the mind and supports the nervous system. During emotional and physically stressful times this Sacred Oil offer courage and inner strength. WHITE CHAMPA Magnolia michelia alba - In India the Champa Tree is Sacred. Legend has it that Buddha was born under this beautiful tree. Its oil holds the very essence of Bliss. Its addition to this Blend is especially helpful in reaching a state of Higher Consciousness. BLACK SPRUCE Picea Mariana - This amazing grounding oil will transport you deep into the forest. It is calming, helps clear sadness and mental fatigue. The Indigenous People of North America have use it in Sacred Ceremony for its ability to create a connection to Great Spirit. It is a powerful oil. DALMATION SAGE Salvia officinalis- a powerful Grounding essential Oil. It will remove negativity from your energy field. This Ascension Process requires that we keep our feet firmly on the ground as we integrate ourselves with the Great I Am. YLANG YLANG #2 Cananga odorata var genuina - is a wonderful Balancing Oil. It helps us relax and let go of anxiety, fatigue, and depression. It enables us to unconditionally Love and be Loved. It helps us remove negative emotions from our Energy Field. Coconut Oil and Quartz, Labradorite, Tourmaline, and Peridot Crystals

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