Within ~ For Meditation

This powerful Blend was formulated specifically for use with meditation practices. The Essential Oils in this blend are the Highest Frequencies of all the Oils. Bulgarian Rose Otto, Frankincense Sacra, Himalayan Cedarwood, and Sandalwood are all highly Sacred Oils that have been used for thousands of years in Sacred Ceremony and Rituals. There are also several Oils used to balance the energy into one powerful synchronistic blend. 

At some point in our formative years some inquisitive Souls begin to question everything and if you are fortunate to have had that curiosity nurtured you may find what you seek. More often than not we look toward something outside of ourselves. Which Guru?... which group?...which religion? We turn to others for advice, desperately hoping someone has the answers we are looking for. Hopefully somewhere in your search you will to be told to look Within. It is a wonderful thing to realize that the answers have been within yourself all along. We begin to understand who we really are and the meaning of being created in God's image. All of us, on and off Earth, were created by the One Creator of all that is. By many Names it is the Source of everything seen and unseen and its Creation Spark lies within each one of us. 

Within that same part of us, we are connected to Universal Wisdom through the Collective Consciousness. We strengthen that connection through meditation, contemplation and prayer. By including these practices in your daily routine you will become more attuned to the vibration or frequency of the Great I AM, The Source of all that Is. Awaken to the Truth of who you are and receive the gifts that are rightfully yours. 

There you will reconnect to the Eternal Love as you were Created. THIS BLEND CONTAINS BULGARIAN ROSE OTTO IN ARGON OIL Rosa danascena - Rose has the highest frequency of all the essential oils! With just one sniff, this incredible oil will open the Heart Chakra to receive the Frequency of the Divine Love that we are. It enables us to release any fears we might have about our self and our relationships. It brings us back to wholeness, as Creator intended. HIMALAYAN CEDARWOOD Cedrus Deodora - This is known as a Holy Oil. It has been used throughout history for Sacred Rituals and used as Temple Incense by Tibetan Buddhist. It is one of the most beneficial oils for Meditation. It offers a deep meditation by calming the mind and opening you up to your Divine connection. It will protect and ground you during your meditation. FRANKINCENSE SACRA Boswellia sacra- This is a Holy Oil. It was found in ancient Egypt as early as 1323 BC. It has been used throughout history for meditation and Awakening. It will bring you straight to Spirit. It is both calming and grounding and allows deep and healing breathing. It will enable you to let go of the lower vibrations while bringing you to a higher vibration, letting go of everything that no longer serves you. SANDALWOOD Santalum album - This is a highly Spiritual Oil and has been used throughout history for Meditation and Spiritual Devotion. It offers deep relaxation and peace within the body and mind. It connects you to the Sacred Heart of Hearts and leaves you in a state of Grace. VETIVER Chrysopogen Zizanioides - This is a powerful Essential Oil. It enables you to completely relax. It works seamlessly with the other oils in releasing fear and tension while bringing about a feeling of security and confidence. It calms all the mind chatter enabling you to focus. SWEET ORANGE Citrus sinensis - It could be called "Joy in a Bottle." It is uplifting and playful. It will assist you in releasing emotional issues and allow for a calm spirit, enhancing your meditation. TAGETES Tagetes Minuta - Otherwise known as Marigold. It's benefits are numerous. It has potent sedative aspects that are calming to the nervous systems. It encourages positive thinking as it diminishes anxiety, depression, anger and other emotional imbalances. PATCHOULI Pogostemom cablin - This beautiful oil infuses a powerful sense of peace and love into the environment. It is purifying, harmonic, uplifting and dispels anxiety and emotional pain. It holds the energy of creation and activates the conscious mind. It uplifts the mood and relaxes tension on all levels. It also contains Coconut Oil, Quartz, Labradorite, Amethyst, Peridot and Lapis Crystals

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